Newly Diagnosed

NOW WHAT?? If you or someone you know has just recently been diagnosed with breast cancer here are some products that will be useful if you are having surgery or going through treatments. 

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Mastectomy Lingerie and More continues to give back!

October 2016 - FREE Post-Surgery Camisole In-store Offer continues!

We are proud we have been able to assist so many women over since October 2012 with our Post Surgery Camisole promotion.  We are happy to announce that we will be able to continue giving back and we are extending our Post-Surgery Camisole offers for another year.


Recently diagnosed and having breast cancer surgery?

If you live near our store, please visit and we will offer you a FREE post surgery camisole.*

All of the camisoles we are donating are 100% paid for by Mastectomy Lingerie and More. We do not solicit donations for them.

If you don't live near our store, you can still shop on-line to receive FREE shipping on our TOP PICK post-surgery camisole.  Shipping costs are 100% donated by Mastectomy Lingerie and More.


* Eligibility considerations do apply. Visit in-store to confirm eligibility.
This promotion is intended for Canadian residents only.
This offer and its eligibility requirements may be discontinued or modified at any time, without notice, at the sole discretion of Mastectomy Lingerie and More.


What is a Post-Surgery Camisole?

A post-surgery camisole or bra style is a 'must-have' for anyone that is going to have surgery - either a mastectomy or lumpectomy.  A post-surgery bra or camisole is designed to provide you with comfort and function as you recover from your surgery.

The post-surgery camisoles or bras are made of stretchy soft cotton which allows you to step into them, if unable to pull over your head.  They are designed with the seams on the outside to avoid rubbing against your surgery site and have a built-in bra shelf to provide you with light support.


Included with each bra or camisole are detachable 'drain pouches'. After surgery, most women will go home with drainage tubes that are needed to help remove the excess fluid from your surgery site.  The drain pouches are designed so that you can tuck the drain and tubes into the pouches and attach inside the camisole to keep them from 'flopping' around.

The post-surgery bras and camisoles are pocketed on both sides so that a soft puff or a light leisure form can be worn to help restore balance and your silhouette. 

What is a soft puff? They are a very light breast form which makes them perfect to use right after surgery. They can be triangular or circular in shape and have removable fibre-fill so that you can adjust as needed.  The soft puffs are available to purchase separately or can be purchased as part of a package with the bra or camisole.

Bra vs Camisole style - Not sure which one to choose? It depends on personal style and what you prefer to wear. The camisole style is perfect for wearing under a sweater or light jacket which makes it feel just like a top, whereas the bra style is good for wearing under tops just like a light support bra.


MLAM U-Pillow (Post Surgery Recovery Pillow)

This u-shaped pillow is perfect to help you rest and sleep comfortably after your surgery.  

 MLAM U Pillow

The U-shape allows you to position the pillow between your arm and ribcage.  After surgery it will provide a soft cushion between your arm and surgery site.  This allows you to sit and rest comfortably. When sleeping, it also provides comfort and support on your surgery side and helps to compensate for lost tissue, especially if you roll unto your side. 

The U-Pillow is also a great neck pillow and can be taken along to chemo or radiation appointments and keep it for future travelling!

These pillows are handmade by my 'M.O.M' who has carefully selected fun colours and patterns made of soft flannelette and filled with soft cotton batten. Click here or the picture to see what is currently available.

Leisure Bras 

Offer more support then a post-surgery garment and are a good transition if you are not ready for a more supportive bra.  Some have front closures to make it easy to get in and out of for checkups or if going through radiation treatment. 






We have a selection of soft caps and headwear that offer function and style!  Click on pictures to see more.

Non-Silicone Breast Prostheses (or Breast Forms)

After your drains have been removed and your surgery site is healing, a non-silicone breast form can be worn.  As a preferred choice for many people, non-silicone forms are perfect for leisure or active wear and  some can be worn in the water.  Non-silicone styles are a lighter and less costly alternative to the silicone breast forms. 

Silicone Breast Prostheses

It is recommended that you wait to be fitted for a Silicone breast form at least 6 weeks after your surgery, or as advised by your doctor. This allows for swelling to be minimal and the surgery site healed for a good fit.  

Silicone breast forms come in a variety of shapes and sizes so that you can get a good match. Technology is always advancing for the silicone breast forms - they are getting lighter, there are types that allow for cooling and better air flow and even types that you can stick on to your chest wall.

Partial Breast Prostheses

Partials are perfect for those that need a little something to help even them out.  If you have had a lumpectomy or other surgery and find that your bras are not fitting the same on both sides, partials can help give you that little bit you need to fill out.  Partials are available in silicone and non-silicone styles.




Gift Certificates

Amounts Available: $25, $50, $75, $100, $150, $200, $250, $300. Gift Certificates can be used towards the purchase of any of these post-surgery items and are a great way to let someone know you are thinking about them. They can be used online or while shopping in-store.

Government Assistance Programs - You may be able to receive some government assistance towards the cost of your silicone breast prostheses. Programs vary between provinces check out our FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE page for more information.

Private or Group Health Insurance - Be sure to check your coverage as it may help to cover the cost of mastectomy products, such as silicone breast forms, non-silicone breast forms and mastectomy bras. Please check out our FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE page for more information.