'Active Flow' Non-silicone Breast Prosthesis

Sizes available 1 - 14 (see size guide below)

The newest concept in active-lifestyle breast form design!

It’s your perfect companion for all active and leisure activities such as yoga, gardening, exercise classes, swimming and jogging.


  • Lightweight monoprene beads do not absorb water and dry quickly
  • The beads move and flatten when lying down, giving a natural and flattering profile
  • Molded with fast-dry spacer fabric
  • Water resistant satin draw string bag can be used to carry damp items or wet swimsuit
  • Satin garment loop can be used to pin into a garment
SIZING GUIDE: Trulife Active Flow Swimform
FORM Size Should Fit Bra Sizes  
1 28AA            
2 30 AA            
3 32 AA 30 A          
4 34AA 32A          
5 36AA 34A  32B        
6 38AA 36A 34B 32C      
7 40AA 38A 36B 34C 32D    
8 42AA 40A 38B 36C 34D 32DD  
9 44AA 42A 40B 38C 36D 34DD 32D
10 46AA 44A 42B 40C 38D 36DD 34DDD
11 48AA 46A 44B 42C 40D 38DD 36DDD
12 50AA 48A 46B 44C 42D 40DD 38DDD
13 52AA 50A 48B 46C 44D 42DD 40DDD
14   52A 50B 48C 46D 44DD 42DDD