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September 14, 2012

Post-Surgery Camisole Survey

We are looking for feedback on Post-Surgery Camisoles. Click here to see more information on post-surgery camisoles.

Here's what we are wondering:

Before your breast surgery, were you aware of the post-surgery camisole product?
If yes, how did you find out about this product? (By your own research, a doctor, nurse, or friend)

Did you purchase a post-surgery camisole?

If you have insurance coverage, did you submit for reimbursement? If not, why?

If yes, was the post-surgery camisole eligible for coverage? If not, what reason did your Insurer give? Who is your insurance company?

If you were not aware of a post-surgery camisole, from the information you know now, do you feel it would have been helpful for you?

Please email us at with your story and comments about post-surgery camisoles.

THANK YOU! Your help is appreciated!